Rosebank Primary School

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Rosebank Pupil Jobs

Please have a look at our Pupil Jobs list to find out which jobs you can apply for, job descriptions, key characteristics needed and how you can help to improve our school!

Job List

Junior Leadership Team

Junior Leadership Team members for this year are:-

Khadija, Eliza, Zain, Fatima Ah, Rahaf, Muazz, Adhrit, Yasmine, Hitaishee, Aadi, Orlagh, Fatima A

Job Description

Meet with Miss Smith at the start of the year. Look at the School Development Plan at what the teachers want to improve. Evaluate how our school is doing and come up with ideas for improvement. Write an Action Plan for how the Junior Leadership Team can help share opinions and support the school to improve learning for all children.  Monitor lessons, carry out pupil interviews, feedback information to Miss Smith and the Leadership Team.  Speak to School Governors and School Advisors about the quality of the education in school. Help make changes to make our school outstanding.

Key Characteristics of the Junior leadership team members:

  • Role model in lessons and around school
  • Ability to reflect and evaluate our school sensibly
  • Ability to come up with ideas for school improvement
  • Polite and courteous at all times
  • Ability to write neat well written notes at meetings
  • Punctual
  • Well organised
  • Well-mannered to all teachers, pupils and visitors
  • Good empathy – able to understand other people’s feelings
  • Good listener
  • Value everyone’s opinion

What we have been doing so far this year...

Internet Safety

The Junior Leadership Team have been interviewing the children at Rosebank about internet safety in order to find out about if the children are using the internet safely. Also we want to find out how the children are feeling about other curriculum lessons (e.g. Art, ICT, P.E. and History). If the children aren’t safe on the internet, we might book workshops to teach the children internet safety. We will also have a meeting with school teachers to see if we can come up with ideas for improving curriculum lessons.

Your Sincerely

The Junior Leadership Team

Eco Warriors

Our Eco Warriors this year are:-

Kamran, Aayan, Erd, Elisha, Layla D, Dante, Mason, Zaki, Muaaz

Job Description

Our Eco Warriors ensure that the school grounds are always kept tidy and looking good. They are responsible for organising the planting and watering of plants around school.  They keep track of a budget knowing how much money there is available to spend on plants during the year so our school can always look beautiful. 

They make sure that the inside of school is also kept tidy and make sure children do not leave things lying on the floor. Keep lost property organised. Speak in assembly when things need improving.

Assembly Leaders

Job Description

Our Assembly Leaders play a very important part in organising the beginning of the school day.

On Assembly days Assesmbly Leaders have to be in school, in the hall by 8:45. The are responsible for ensuring that the hall is set up before children and adults start coming in. They make sure music or a song is ready to be played. Assembly Leaders ensure that assemblies run smoothly by leading singing and school prayers, speaking with confidence and looking smart at all times. They also make sure children are quiet when coming into the hall and always set a good example.

Tour Guides

This year's Tour Guides are:-

Donia, Rawand, Roman, Nemi, Saiban, Shakira, Remarni

Job Description

Our Tour Guides show visitors around school and interview candidates telling them information about how our school runs and what activities take place. They ask our visitors questions find out more about them Then then feedback information to SLT about what you thought about our visitors.

Reading Buddies

Our Reading Buddies for this year are:-

Eva, Faizah, Zeshan, Yasmine, Alyssia, Mason, Shakira, Alleyah, Yusuf, Amelia, Layla

Job Description

Our reading buddies have an extremely important job role in helping children with their reading. They support children with sounding out, phonics and understanding books are a good friend to a younger child and encourage children to read whilst writing in children’s reading journals. Reading Buddies read stories to other children so that they can enjoy them which inspires them to continue reading. They also have meetings with Miss Smith and Mrs Rawcliffe about how it’s going and how children are getting on.

Diversity Champions

This year's Diversity Champions are:-

Alleyah, Liora, Daniel, Mozzen, Gabriella, Alana, Mina, Elisha, Sultan

Job Description
These children meet with Miss Bradley regularly and look at how we can celebrate the diversity of our school community. They look at languages, religions, cultures and different abilities and talents that we all have. 

Playground Buddies:

Playground Buddies for this year are:-

Kashvi, Amin, Hashim, Md Ali, Fatima Ch, Amira, Wyatt, Zahrah, Maria, Linda, Yusuf, Tayyab, Dante, Alia, Adam G, Victoria, Mustafa, Laila, Candy

Job Description

These children support different year groups at lunchtime and ensure all children are playing happily and making friends. They help ensure all equipment is put away at the end of lunchtime and award YBN cards to children who play fairly and include others in their games.