Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"

Curriculum Successes

Through out the year, we have collaborated with other schools, invited visitors into school and taken part in different projects to enhance our school curriculum to give our children a broad and balanced education which has helped raise standards. Read below for a few examples of things we have been involved and also view our gallery to see the 'Successes from last year 2018 - 2019'. 

Shakespeare's Schools' Festival

Year 6 have taken part in SSF in order to open their eyes to the world of theatre and to discover all about Shakespeare. This year, the children studied The Tempest and then performed it at Stage@Leeds theatre in the University of Leeds. It helped the children develop their reading skills but also developed their confidence, team work  and speaking and listening. Through taking part in this, the children became excellent speakers who can speak confidently in front of any audience.  

Film Literacy Project

Last year, Year 5 took part in a Film Literacy Project. They  developed great reading skills through analysing film. All of the Year 5 children thoroughly enjoyed their film Literacy lessons that they had every Friday afternoon. Through watching, discussing and writing about films, all the children developed inference skills and made great progress with their reading last year. We hope to continue this project with other classes in school this year.

Maths for All

Jaguars (Year 2) were involved in a special maths project, with other schools in Leeds, looking at how to make maths lessons fun and engaging through taking part in lots of practical maths activities involving collaboration and discussion. As a result of this project, all the Year 1 children made great progress in their maths and Miss Smith has shared the experience with other teachers across the school so that all children across the school can benefit from the project this year.

Multi Cultural Week

To celebrate the diversity in our school, we held a Multi  cultural week. Each class learned about cultures of different countries around the world. In Key Stage 2, all children learned about a country where French is spoken as one of its language. In Key Stage 1, children drew on experiences from at least one child in the class. At the end of the week, the parents helped create a mult-cultural feast bringing traditional dishes from all around the world for the whole school community to try. A big thank you to all the parents that helped make this event such a success!

Poetry Week

In March, the whole school was involved in a fun packed poetry week with our visiting poet, Conrad Burdekin. Conrad enthused all the children with his lively and fun performance poetry and then taught all the children how to write and perform their own poems.

We ended the week with a whole school poetry performance and parents came to meet Conrad and share poems with the children.

Museum of Untold Stories

The whole school from Foundation Stage to Year 6 took part in lively workshops with Alive and Kicking. These focused on different genres of fiction and inspired the children to write incredible stories.

All the children made their own picture pop up book using D&T and Art skills to bring their own stories to life.