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Staying Active


Are you a Healthy Advocate?  We'd love to see a photo or video of you and your family being active! They will be shared in the "Active Rosebank" area at the bottom of this page and will help    inspire others to also keep moving!

Need some inspiration? 

Check out the links below or explore the rest of the page to find activities for each year group. You will find lots of great ideas that have been carefully selected by Mrs Gibson.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The Body Coach

Yorkshire Sport Foundation


Born to Move

Active Early Years 


Cosmic Yoga - On the Farm

Balloon Baster

The Happy Walrus - I'm so Happy!

  The Animal Boogie

Active Key Stage 1 



The Body Coach - 5 Minute Move

Les Mills - Meet Down in Africa

   Footwork Patterns

    The Highland Fling

Active Key Stage 2



Yorkshire Sport Foundation - Striking for Distance

Les Mills - This is Me

The Body Coach - Active 8 Workout

  Coordination & Ball Skills

 Active Learning  



Don't just watch. Click on the links below to join in with the actions and sing-a-long!  


Early Years:

Counting 1 - 10 with Matt

Counting 1 - 20 with Matt

Pinkfong - Dance with Shapes

Days of the Week with Matt & Don


Key Stage 1:

KS1 Super Movers - 10 Timetables

KS1 Super Movers - 2 Timestables

Super Movers - Syllables

Super Movers - Days of the Week


Key Stage 2:

KS2 Super Movers - 8 Timetables

KS2 Super Movers - 2D and 3D Shapes

Super Movers - Homophones

Super Movers - Conjunctions

Active Family


We would love to see a photo of you & your family doing one of these activities...


Active Kids Do Better - It's Snowing

This Girl Can - “You’re Welcome” from Moana

Active kids do better - Cross the River! 

AJ & Curtis Dance

            Active Rosebank  

 Please remember:

Teachers and families have kindly shared the videos on this page for your children to enjoy.  We ask that they are not shared or commented on.  Thank you! 




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