Rosebank Primary School

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Race Track Competition

  Race Track Competition!

 We are asking you to take part in our 'Create a Race Track at Home' competition..sound exciting??  Watch Miss Smith's video below to find out how to get involved and what things you might need.

 How to enter: 

  • Things you might use - cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, pens, pencils, books, paper and more..!
  • Requirements - your track will need a slope for your round object to roll down (bouncy ball, marble, cherry tomato etc). 
  • Aim - to make the track as exciting as possible & this may include "live commentary" to describe your race as it's taking place!  Entries can be photos or videos.
  • Please send your entries to no later than Tuesday 21st April


Winners of the "Race Track" competition were the following: - 

Early Years - joint winners Kyle & Adam in Butterflies

Key Stage 1 - Abdul-Samad in Tigers

Lower & Upper Key Stage 2 -  Taha (Dragons) & Mohammed H (Owls)

A huge well done to the winners and to all the children who entered, we really loved watching your fantastic videos!    



The race track below has been created in the Hall by the children in school, along with Miss Routh and Mr Sheppard.