Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"

Shakespeare School Festival

This year, the Dragons performed A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Carriageworks theatre following the success of Romeo and Juliet from the previous year.

As my foot stepped onto the stage my heart felt like it was about to pop our of my chest. I thought to myself, all this practice, all this effort and it comes down to this moment and I had to give it my all. I was so proud of everyone because they remembered all of their lines, they spoke clearly and confidently and most of all they felt proud about their performance. My favourite part was when we were doing the dress rehearsal beacuse at the end we got a whole class picture. 

I was so grateful for the people who ran the Shakespeare School Festival and that they supported us with our play, a Midsummer Night's Dream! 


At the start of Year 6, we tried our hardest practicing our play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' for the Shakespearian School Festival.

During this half term, we learnt lots of new Shakespearian words and memorised many lines. Some words were so complicated we could not say them. It was absolutely nerve-wracking at first but in the end we accomplished something great.

On the most vital day, when we had to perform, at first it was terrifying, when it ended however, it was astonishing!