Rosebank Primary School

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Residential to Ingleborough

Year 6 Residential to Ingleborough Hall Outdoor Education Centre - January 2018

Year 6 went to Ingleborough Hall for a week long residential trip.   Children kept their spirits up through the wintery weather to enjoy the outdoor activities Ingleborough has to offer.

1. Outstanding. There were no concerns; the visit was being well managed.

Whilst there, Leeds City Council's School Health, Safety & Wellbeing Team arrived for an unannounced visit to monitor the Health and Safety procedures being followed by Rosebank Primary staff. The council were very impressed by how well the visit had been managed, and awarded Rosebank Primary as 'Outstanding'.   For further detail, please see below the certificate awarded and also a link to read the report from the council in full;


Report of visit by Leeds City Council - Outstanding