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Residential to Ingleborough

Year 6 Residential to Ingleborough Hall in the snow! by Harris Zahid, Year 6

A couple of months ago, Yr6 dragons went to Inglebrough hall for a week’s residential trip.  Although it was very snowy, on the hill and on the caves the children enjoyed themselves.  Many adventurous activities were undertaken by the children as detailed below.

Hill walk

Each group, on one of the days, had to go on a hill walk. This was no easy feat. This challenged    the majority of the class as they had to walk up steep hills. If they chose not to walk on, they wouldn’t be able to head back so once started, they had to continue. Many people were moaning. However things soon changed thanks to our enthusiastic instructors. Some people got stuck in the snow but this made everyone laugh and made them a happier because they entertained themselves searching for boots!  It was snowing so fast. As a result of this, it wasn’t long before people could not see the holes because it was deep snow. When people were half way around, they stopped for a lunch order to keep warm, lunch had to be eaten under a tent.  Loads of people got bad blisters although they persevered and carried on. After that, they also had a snow ball fight and enjoyed themselves despite all the hard work. One of the well remembered things on the hill walk was, there were loads of animal footprints. It looked like rabbits were walking on the hills. Miss Smith kept remarking that rabbit’s footprints were incredibly far apart which showed they must have been Olympic jumpers! On returning to Inglebrough hall people were feeling exhausted and their legs felt like jelly.


Cave exploring

This activity was very challenging and very dark. On the way to the cave a couple of people fell in the water and nearly got their boot stuck again! This was becoming a common theme. There were 2 caves. In the caves people got very wet. There were loads of challenges some you had to squeeze yourself past. A couple of people cried or got stuck some found it easy. Even though some people cried they did not give up. Like the hill walk, people still carried on despite how they were feeling. The instructor also said, “we are nearly out and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” to make sure people didn’t feel that they were in danger. Trembling, people carried on trying not to be scared. looking back now it was really silly to be scared because you only had one shot of doing it.

Folk dancing

On one of the days, an evening folk dancing was enjoyed by the children. A man came in to show us. He did not speak witch was very weird. He used actions and whenever people got it wrong he gazed at them. this made some people giggle.. Then after that, he started speaking. compered to the hard work on the hill walk this was a relaxing activity.

At the end of the week on the way back to school on the bus people were chatting about the experience which had been one of the best ones in the lives so far.

By Harris, aged 11