Rosebank Primary School

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Poetry Week

Poetry Week by Junite Yunoos, Year 6

At Rosebank we had a poetry week in order to celebrate Poets and the performance of poetry. In this week, we wrote poems for a competition called the Arooj project which involves many local Leeds schools.  Also it was part of our topic.


In the morning, we had an assembly with Conrad (a poet) who told us some hilarious poems which had everybody in stiches. When I turned around, the teachers had tears running down there cheeks. Conrad told us a poem called SAM’S SPACE ADVENTURE. We made actions for it which helped us learn it a lot quicker.

We also met a story teller to present the Arooj competition called Peter Chand. He launched a competition for the whole school. Year 6 wrote individual poems.

As well as doing poems in assembly we also wrote a class poem with Conrad called ZOMBIE CAVEMAN. Even though we all made actions for it only some people got to perform in assembly which was a shame because everybody would’ve enjoyed it. The whole school had fun listening to other class’s poems.  

Everybody thought that tiger’s poem was amazing and hilarious because they said “ssh sshh give us a hand to bury miss Webber in the sand.” In the centre of the hall, the children preformed their poems some of them were really young so the parents were saying “aaaaawww!”  Shaking with stage fright the children read their poems out loud. Even though the youngest children didn’t read there poems out loud they were hilarious.                                


By Junite
Year 6