Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"

Poetry Week

Poetry Week with Conrad - February 2018

Rosebank celebrated Poetry week in order to inspire children to write and perform poetry.  During this week, Rosebank was visited by the Creative Writer and Poet, Conrad Burdekin.  Conrad and the children worked together to create a poem for each class.  The children performed their poetry to the rest of the school with great enthusiasm and expression.  Below is a sample of their great work;
I want to be an Inventor
I want to be an inventor
Exactly like my dad
His lab is in the garden shed
My mum says he is mad
I'll need some nerdy knowledge
And some crazy hair
Gorgeous, goofy goggles
A thousand pounds a pair
Don't forget the experiments 
With chemicals that stink
Mixing lots of potions
In the kitchen sink!
I must increase my brain size
Until it fills my head
But not until tomorrow
I have to go to bed!
By Owls Class, Year 4

How to find a friend

If you want a friend
This is what you do
Ask another boy or girl
To come and play with you
Do some hula hooping
Have a running race
Share some chocolate with your friend
In your happy place
Make sure that you're nice
Make sure that you're kind
Make sure that you're helpful
A friend is what you'll find!
By Lions Class, Year 1