Rosebank Primary School

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Wednesday 4th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Here’s this week’s news:

 As you are aware there is a lot in the news at the moment about Coronavirus and how this is continuing to spread. As a school, I am now receiving daily updates from the Department of Education and Public Health about how it affects us a school. The advice at the moment is still the same. We just need to ensure that children are washing their hands before coming to school, on arrival at school and at various other points in the school day. Ensuring children eat healthily and drink plenty of water is also important for maintaining good health. We are also making sure that we are aware of recent travel of any new arrivals to school and following Public Health England’s advice about this. Where necessary, we would not admit a new pupil for 14 days if they have travelled from one of the affected countries listed on PHE’s website.

 World Book Day Tomorrow!

A reminder that it is World Book Day tomorrow and this year we are linking the event to our work on Eco Schools. This means the children will be looking at books linked to the environment and can come dressed in their “Wear it Wild” outfits or as an endangered animal or something else linked to Environmental Issues. If they do not wish to dress up, they can come in school uniform.  Parents are invited to come to our World Book Day assembly at 2:30pm in the hall and then stay for ‘Stories and Samosas’. Samosas will be sold for 50p each and you can enjoy stories with your children while you eat. A fun occasion for everyone to enjoy!

 Travelling by Scooter or Bike to school

Recently, a few children have asked about coming to school on a scooter or a bike. We are happy for children to come to school on a scooter as long as they are wearing a helmet. Scooters can be left in the shelter on the front playground and helmets can be taken into class. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to scooters brought into school so children bring them at their own risk.

 Children who have passed their Bikeability and have a certificate to show this, can cycle to school as long as they are wearing a helmet and have a bike in good working order. Year 6 children get the opportunity to take part in Bikeability in the Summer term.

 Easy Peasy Winners

Thank you to the Nursery parents/carers for their support at home with Easy Peasy.  The programme has now finished and I am pleased to announce the winners are Menaal, Bharathi, Yad, Adam, Esme, Bari, Elisha, Gabriella and Aran - well done!

 Good Luck Mrs Jackson!

Mrs Jackson, Phoenix’ class teacher, is going on maternity leave on Friday. We wish her all the best and look forward to hearing all her news shortly. She has promised to come in to school in the Summer term to introduce us to the    baby and see the children. We can’t wait! Mrs Jackson is planning on returning to Rosebank once her maternity leave is finished.

 Best wishes, 

 Miss Alice Smith, Headteacher

Dates for the Diary:   



Thursday 5th March - World Book Day

Week beginning 16th March - Parent meeting consultations (Monday KS1, Tuesday LKS2, Wednesday UKS2, Thursday EYFS)


Friday 3rd April - Last day of Spring Term 2

Monday 20th April - First Day of Summer Term 1