Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"


Dear Parents/Carers, 

 I hope you’re all managing to keep warm in this snowy weather. I spoke to the staff working with Year 6 on their residential trip in Ingleborough this morning and apparently there is snow on the top of the hills there, but it is very much the same as Leeds everywhere else – wet and cold! Luckily, they are all coping very well and still managing to enjoy all the fun outdoor activities. I’m looking forward to visiting them this evening to find out all about what they have been doing. 

 No nuts in school please

Please can I remind all parents and children that it is important that children do not bring nuts into school. This includes any products containing nuts e.g. Peanut butter, cakes or biscuits with nuts in them, curries containing nuts. We have some children that will have a severe allergic reaction if they even just touch nuts and therefore we can not risk bringing any into school. I appreciate your co-operation with this.

 Recycling – Please help us save the planet!

As you will be aware, there is a lot in the news at the moment about the importance of recycling plastic and using as little plastic as possible. Blue Planet on the BBC focused on the damage plastic is doing to the oceans. We have been talking about this in school and have recently put more recycling bins around school. We have talked about using re-usable bottles and re-usable containers for packed lunches. The children would like us to become a “Green School” so we would appreciate your support where possible in trying to bring as little non-recyclable/re-usable plastic into school. I understand that this can be difficult but it would be great if we can all do our bit to help save the planet and educate our children about this important subject.

Best wishes,

Alice Smith, Headteacher

Dates for the Diary

 Reminder - please bring in your empty plastic bottles (any size) to make the lanterns for the

Lantern Festival on 8th February.

 School closes for Spring Mid-Term break - Thursday 8th February

Happy Birthday to:     

Kylan O’Neill Black, Rimaz Sbinati, Ali Raza, Auni Hafiz, Muhammad Zahier Abdul Razak, Mohamad Nazir Sbinati, Imaan Ghafoor.


Weekly Lunch Menu


Thursday  18th




Vegetarian Hot Dogs in a Roll


Cheese and Tomato Pizza






Friday 19th January


Salmon Fingers


Vegetarian Bolognaise with Diced Potatoes


Vegetable Curry with Jacket Potato



Monday 22nd January


Chicken Curry,

Rice and Naan


Homemade Cheese Omelette



Chicken Curry, Rice and Naan- Halal


Bolognaise with

Jacket Potato


Tuesday 23rd January


Pork Sausage and Mash


Vegetarian Sausage and Mash


BBQ Chicken RollHalal




Wednesday 24th



Beef Lasagne


Homemade Pizza


Beef Lasagne  - Halal


Jacket Potato with Tuna