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Our Links with schools in dubai

The Leadership Team of Rosebank Primary School took part in a course called 'Coaching in the classroom' where Miss Smith was invited to be a guest speaker. The course was 

a unique session which  explored the use of coaching competencies and tools through practical activities suitable for KS1 and KS2 children. Enabling teachers to use these skills to support and promote the development of 21st century skills such as critical thinking and collaboration in a primary classroom setting​,​​ framed alongside ​approaches such as ​using a ‘Growth ​M​indset​’ and ‘Mindfulness’.  The day included sharing ideas, mentoring and self-reflection with groups of people from all over the globe, including special guests from Dubai. 

 ​The coaching approach promoted the offering of opportunities for children to make choices and decisions for themselves, creating personal responsibility and accountability. Children are far more likely to follow through their own choice, rather than one that has been made for them. Coaching improves the retention of learning, offering children opportunities to talk about what has been learned and to apply it.

The British School Council said it was a day of high-energy; sharing great ideas; learning new coaching in the classroom techniques; self-reflection & networking across continents.