Rosebank Primary School

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Dinosaur Competition

 "Create a Dinosaur" Competition 

Mr Howitt and his son Leo have been reading the story book "Gigantosaurus" by the author Jonny Duddle.  This book has inspired them to create their very own dinosaurs AND they challenge you to do the same. . . 

  Can you create a 'new made up' dinosaur or creature?! 

 Watch Mr Howitt's video below to find out what you need to do and don't forget to visit the Secure Area of the website & listen to him read the story for inspiration.

Your entry must be a 'new made up' dinosaur or creature and could be in the form of any of the following:

1.) Drawing - you could add labels to describe your dinosaur/creature's special features.

2.) Make a Mask - once you have made your mask, you may want to video yourself or a brother or sister acting out being your new creature, whilst adding "David Attenborough" style commentary to describe what we are seeing for the very first time..

3.) Make a Model - create the creature's unique features using recycled materials.

Please send all entries to the school inbox by Tuesday 16th June - good luck!


We're off to a roaring start..!!

And the winning prize goes to. . . !

Thank you to all those who entered. Mr Howitt was extremely impressed by the imagination and creativity of the entries!  So the winner is. . .

Haleema in Butterflies for her original design printed onto a T-Shirt.

Well done!!