Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"


Spring Term 1 - 2019

Our clubs take place after school.  Please ask at the school office if you would like to know whether or not their are places available for your child. 

A lot of the clubs are the same from last term but there are a few new ones such as Basketball and Fencing.

There are also a couple of other changes that you will need to note. Cooking is on again but if your child has attended cooking club before, they will have to attend a different club this time as we want to give new children a chance to cook. Also, homework club is no longer a free club. You will need to pay £6 for the 6 weeks like you do for all other clubs (unless you get a golden ticket!).  All clubs must be paid for at the time of booking.

We try to provide a wide range of clubs for your children to enjoy. This is thanks to our amazing staff who volunteer their time to run them. Unfortunately, at times the clubs are cancelled due to staff absence but please always feel you can ask for a refund of your £1 if this is the case. We try our hardest to only cancel a club if we really can’t find staff to cover it.

Please click here to view the Clubs Timetable for this term.

School also offers a breakfast club from 8am. For more information about these clubs please ask at the school office.