Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"

Arts Week

At Rosebank we recently had an arts and drivers week to celebrate different forms of art whilst linking each to our curriculum drivers!

Each class led a different project, learnt about an artist and worked together to produce some amazing art! This included: printing, sketching, painting, watercolour, sculpting, collage and fabric weaving.

Tigers researched to the work of L.S. Lowry. Then worked together using Aquapens to paint and draw a streetscene. In their street there were buidings from different cultures showing respect for each other which links into the Respectful Communicators Driver. Tigers also drew some people exercising and eating fruit and vegetables to link in with the Heathy Advocates Driver. 

Lions chose to look at the art of Vincent Van Gough. They made some bright colourful paintings and used charcoal to show contrast. This linked to their respectful communicators curriculum driver. 

Falcons learnt about the work of Antony Gormley. They made human scultptures out of modroc and wire to illustrate resiliance in individuals.   

Parents were welcome to come into the school and were accompanied by children to classrooms where they explained each class project.