Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"


 Every Friday, we are visited by the wonderful Murmur, from Artis, who works with all the classes!

Each class gets the opportunity to take part in lively and energetic drama and dance lessons. 

This Autumn, Murmur is working with the children in Eagles, Owls and Hawks.  They will be exploring the vicious Vikings and acting out the story of Erik the Warrior.  Along with developing skills in co-ordination, rhythm and spatial awareness, the children will be writing their own scripts and vocalising their generated scenes confidently.

We look forward to sharing our work in a School assembly later in the term.

Past Workshops:

  • 2017 Summer Term 2: Year 5 & 6 learnt about Greek Mythology and created and play based around the characters from Hercules.   
  • 2017 Summer Terms 1: Year 3 & 4 looked at the seaside for inspiration which linked to their topic. They also created a drama based on the books they were reading. Here are some photos from the end of term Artis Assembly.