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Conrad's Poetry Competition

Conrad's Poetry Competition

This week’s competition has been set by the creative writer and poet we all know and love..Conrad! For his challenge, he would like you to think about something you really love and then of course, write a poem about it!

Click on his video below to find out more…

What you need to do:

1.) Think about something you really like or what your favourite thing is.

2.) Now imagine all the different places you might like to do your favourite thing.

3.) Write a poem about what it is and where! Don't forget to start a new line every time you say "I like..." and try to use some rhyming words.

 Make your poem as "wild and as wacky as you like!"- best of luck!

And the winning prize goes too. . .

A huge well done to all those who entered. Conrad was so impressed by the high standard of writing that he couldn't pick just one winner, but instead he chose six! 

Ghazi (Tigers), Kai (Eagles), Maha (Centaurs), Malal (Dragons), Aga (Dragons).

All winners will receive a copy of Conrad's brand new book!


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