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Home Learning

Welcome to the home learning page! Here you will find your child's learning resources that will be updated each week - simply click on their class links to access the learning. At the bottom of the page you will find weekly learning for previous weeks and general resources for all year groups.


Please let us know by phoning the school office on 0113 243 34 97 or emailing and these can be arranged for you to collect.

Activities & tips from 'Save the Children' charity

Below is a resource pack put together by 'Save the Children' charity.  It includes tips on how to support your child's learning at home and also learning topics and family games.

Click here for tips on how to support your child's learning

Video lessons for every day (all year groups)

Below you will find the link to the "Oak National Academy" website. Here you will be able to access the online classroom for video lessons for each day that cover a range of subjects. 

Click here to access the online classroom on the Oak National Academy websiteBBC Bitesize daily lessons for Year 1 - 6

Books to read at home for free

  Here you will find some websites to access more children's books if you need them:Questions to support your child's readingWorld ebooks - fiction & non-fictionAccessing Collins Big Cat reading booksOxford Owls

Learning resources - week beginning 6th July 2020  

Nursery - Caterpillars

Home learning on Tapestry - letter from Miss SmithHow to upload videos & photos to Tapestry

 Click here to log into Tapestry

Reception - ButterfliesHome learning on Tapestry - letter from Miss Smith

How to upload videos & photos to Tapestry

 Click here to log into Tapestry


Year 1 - Lions

Lions WEEK THIRTEEN learning



Year 1/2 - Tigers    Tigers WEEK THIRTEEN learning


Year 2- Jaguars

  Jaguars WEEK THIRTEEN learning

Year 3 - Eagles

  Eagles WEEK THIRTEEN learning


Year 3/4 - Hawks

 Hawks WEEK THIRTEEN learning

Year 4 - Owls

  Owls WEEK THIRTEEN learning


Year 5 - Centaurs

 Centaurs WEEK THIRTEEN learning



Year 5/6 - Phoenix

  Phoenix WEEK THIRTEEN learning



Dragons WEEK THIRTEEN learning

Past weekly learning & other resources 

Click on the links below for resources & learning for all year groups:

Click her for "How to Create a Daily Routine at Home"

Click here for educational websites offering free subscription

Learn French online and listen to stories in French and English!"Maths Challenge""Writing Challenge"

"Cbeebies Numberblocks" Sing-a-long to learn about numbers!


Big Maths..Beat That!

"Big Maths..Beat That" timed sheet (all year groups)

Big Maths..Beat That - Week 1Big Maths..Beat That - Week 2

Big Maths..Beat That - Week 3Big Maths Beat That - Week 4

Big Maths Beat That - Week 5

Nursery - Caterpillars

WEEK ONE learningWEEK ONE shapes

WEEK TWO learning

Reception Class - Butterflies 

Please click on the links below to access learning:

WEEK ONE learningWEEK ONE letter formations

WEEK TWO learningLalilo instructions for parents

Home Learning Pack

Tricky Words

Maths Practise for Reception - (first page)


Key Stage One - Lions, Tigers, Jaguars

Lalilo instructions for parentsVideo to explain timetables

Lions WEEK ONE learningLions WEEK TWO learning

Lions WEEK THREE learningLions WEEK FOUR learning

Lions WEEK FIVE learningLions WEEK SIX learning

Lions WEEK SEVEN learningLions WEEK EIGHT learning

Lions WEEK NINE learningLions WEEK TEN learning

Lions WEEK ELEVEN learningLions WEEK TWELVE learning

Tigers WEEK ONE learningTigers WEEK TWO learningTigers WEEK THREE learningTigers WEEK FOUR learningTigers WEEK FIVE learningTigers WEEK SIX learningTigers WEEK SEVEN learningTigers WEEK EIGHT learningTigers WEEK NINE learningTigers WEEK TEN learningTigers WEEK ELEVEN learningTigers WEEK TWELVE learning

Jaguars WEEK ONE learningJaguars WEEK TWO learning

Jaguars WEEK THREE learningJaguars WEEK FOUR learning

Jaguars book review template (WEEK FOUR)Jaguars WEEK FIVE learningJaguars WEEK SIX learning

Jaguars WEEK SEVEN learningJaguars WEEK EIGHT learning

Jaguars WEEK NINE learningJaguars WEEK TEN learning

Jaguars week 12Jaguars week 12

Please click on the links below to access learning:

Home Learning Pack

Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Words

KS1 Book Bingo Challenge


Lower Key Stage Two - Eagles, Hawks, Owls

Eagles WEEK ONE learning Eagles WEEK TWO learning

Eagles WEEK THREE learningEagles WEEK FOUR learning

Eagles WEEK FIVE learningEagles WEEK SIX learning

Eagles WEEK SEVEN learningEagles WEEK EIGHT learning

Eagles WEEK NINE learningEagles WEEK TEN learning

Eagles WEEK ELEVEN learningEagles WEEK TWELVE learning

Hawks WEEK ONE learningHawks WEEK TWO learningHawks WEEK THREE learningHawks WEEK FOUR learningHawks WEEK FIVE learningHawks WEEK SIX learningHawks WEEK SEVEN learningHawks WEEK EIGHT learningHawks WEEK NINE learningHawks WEEK TEN learningHawks WEEK ELEVEN learningHawks WEEK TWELVE learning

Owls WEEK ONE learningOwls WEEK TWO learning

Owls WEEK THREE learningOwls WEEK FOUR learning

Owls WEEK FIVE learningOwls WEEK SIX learning

Owls WEEK SEVEN learningOwls WEEK EIGHT learning

Owls WEEK NINE learningOwls WEEK TEN learning

Owls WEEK ELEVEN learningOwls WEEK TWELVE learning



Upper Key Stage Two - Centaurs, Phoenix, Dragons

Centaurs WEEK ONE learningCentaurs WEEK TWO learningCentaurs WEEK THREE learningCentaurs WEEK FOUR learningCentaurs WEEK FIVE learningCentaurs WEEK SIX learning

Centaurs WEEK SEVEN learningCentaurs WEEK EIGHT learning

Centaurs WEEK NINE learningCentaurs WEEK TEN learning

Centaurs WEEK ELEVEN learningCentaurs WEEK 12 learning

Phoenix WEEK ONE learningPhoenix WEEK TWO learningPhoenix WEEK THREE learningPhoenix WEEK FOUR learningPhoenix WEEK FIVE learningPhoenix WEEK SIX learningPhoenix WEEK SEVEN learningPhoenix WEEK EIGHT learningPhoenix WEEK 9 & 10 learningPhoenix WEEK ELEVEN learning

Phoenix WEEK TWELVE learningDragons WEEK ONE learningDragons WEEK TWO learningDragons WEEK THREE learningDragons WEEK FOUR learningDragons WEEK FIVE learningDragons WEEK SEVEN learningDragons WEEK EIGHT learning 

Dragons WEEK 9 & 10 learningRoom 13, Chapter 1 (week nine)

Dragons WEEK ELEVEN learningDragons WEEK 12 learning


Year 6 SATs - Week Six Learning

As this week would be Year 6 SATs week, Miss Chippendale has set a SATs challenge for all Year 6 pupils. Please read the letter below from Miss Chippendale and Mrs Rhodes to the Year 6 pupils in Phoenix and Dragons.

Letter from Miss Chip and Mrs Rhodes to Year 6

SATs GrammarSATs Reading

SATs Reasoning 

General Learning for Key Stage 2

Please click on the links below to access learning:

Home Learning Pack

Year 3 & 4 Spelling

Year 5 & 6 Spelling

KS2 Book Bingo Challenge


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