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New competitions week beginning 18th May

This week there are two new competitions...One has been set by Miss Wyman called 'Rings of Art' and this is for the whole school to enter. The other has been set by Mrs Render who would like the Nursery and Reception children to 'Create a Robot'.

For both competitions you will have two weeks to complete them, so entries must be in by Tuesday 2nd June 2020. Winners will be announced at the "You've Been Noticed" assembly on Friday 5th June.

"Rings of Art" Competition

This week's whole school competition is an exciting art challenge set by Miss Wyman for all our Rosebank artists, called ‘Rings of Art’.  Miss Wyman would like you to create some artwork using a special printing her instructions below to find out what you might need and what you need to do.

Please send photos of your finished art work to Miss Wyman's email address by Tuesday 2nd June.  We can’t wait to see all your entries.  Good luck and enjoy!

Instructions for 'Rings of Art'Miss Wyman's artwork

Rosebank artists are already getting creative...

"Create a Robot" Early Years Competition

Miss Render's "Create a Robot" competition is for Nursery and Reception children and there will be two winners, one for each class. Please send photos of your robots to the school email address by Tuesday 2nd June.

Have fun creating your robots!

  Oracy Competition

This week's competition has been set by our Year 6 teacher, Miss Chip.  For this challenge you have to convince Miss Chip which is the best month of the year and why? Watch her video below for more information.  Please send all entries to the school email address by Tuesday 19th May.

Entries are coming in....

Please note: - YouTube will be used to upload your videos to make them easier to view.  The video link will be added to this page only, and will not show up on a YouTube search.  If you have any questions, please email them to 


It's Party Time!!

As it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day this Friday, an important date in history, Miss Routh would like you to create your own party decorations that you would have at your own VE Day party.

VE Day means ‘Victory in Europe’. On the 8th May 1945, the German army surrendered against the allied forces and this ended World War Two in Europe.

To celebrate the war being over, people across the UK had street parties! (Maybe we can have a similar party when we are all back together again!)

Can you spot the bunting and party hats in these pictures?

What you need to do:

Can you create some party decorations that you would have at your VE Day party? Email your decorations to Miss Routh at and they will be entered into the competition!

You might want to use/include:

  • The colours red, white and blue as these are the colours of the union jack
  • Recycled materials to make your decoration/s e.g. scrap paper, cereal boxes, cardboard tubes
  • Bunting
  • Flags
  • Party hats

Please send all entries in by Tuesday 12th May 2020 -  best of luck!

See the examples below for some inspiration…

Miss Routh's VE Day competition has now finished. Thank you for all your brilliant entries; winners will be announced in our "You've Been Noticed" assembly on Friday.


  Inter Class Bug Club & Mathletics Competition!

We now have an inter class competition for Bug Club and Mathletics. We will announce which class has been using these websites the most, every Friday. The winning class when we return to school will get to go to Lazerzone as their prize!

Log into Bug Club


Read a book and answer all the questions as well as completing the review at the end.

Results will be announced at the "YBN Assembly" every fortnight

Log into Mathletics


Winners for this week are. . . 

KS1 - Jaguars 50%

LKS2 - Eagles 50%

UKS2 - Centaurs 46%

(Centaurs had the highest score in the school this week!!)

Also, if you are doing very well, your teacher or Mr Howitt may phone or email you to offer you a prize to be delivered to your home!

                        TT Rockstars Competition!

Mrs Forbes would like to say a huge well done to everyone who participated in the Trust TT Rockstars competition, WE SMASHED IT and had nearly double the next school's score (Blenheim)! 

A MASSIVE well done to Hawa and Abdullah H who finished 1st and 2nd with amazing scores. Also to the following children who finished in the top 20 out of all children participating within the trust: Saskia, Mohsin, Taha (all Dragons), Ramadan (Phoenix), Sultan, Jordan, Yusuf (all Centaurs) and Ashrith (Hawks).

New Competition - Boys v's Girls!

A new competition is starting tomorrow, Wednesday 15th April from 10am until Sunday 26th April 5pm - boys versus girls at Rosebank!

..who will be victorious?!

Click here to play boys versus girls

Click here for help with how to learn your timetables for Year 1 children

    Race Track Competition!

 We are asking you to take part in our 'Create a Race Track at Home' competition..sound exciting??  Watch Miss Smith's video below to find out how to get involved and what things you might need.


 How to enter: 

  • Things you might use - cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, pens, pencils, books, paper and more..!
  • Requirements - your track will need a slope for your round object to roll down (bouncy ball, marble, cherry tomato etc). 
  • Aim - to make the track as exciting as possible & this may include "live commentary" to describe your race as it's taking place!  Entries can be photos or videos.
  • Please send your entries to no later than Tuesday 21st April


Please note: - YouTube will be used to upload your videos to make them easier to view.  They have been uploaded as a link that has been added to this page only and will not show up on YouTube.  If you have any questions about this, please email them to the address above.

Winners of the "Race Track" competition are as follows: - 

Early Years - joint winners Kyle & Adam in Butterflies

Key Stage 1 - Abdul-Samad in Tigers

Lower & Upper Key Stage 2 -  Taha (Dragons) & Mohammed H (Owls)

A huge well done to the winners and to all the children who entered, we really loved watching your fantastic videos!    

The track below was created by Vikram in Eagles


The track below was created by Zain in Jaguars


The race track below has been created in the Hall by the children in school this week, along with Miss Routh & Mr Sheppard.

    Icons made by Freepik from