Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"

Meet the Staff

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead Miss Alice Smith 

Deputy Head

Mr Richard Howitt

SEND Coordinator

Miss Holly Bradley

Pastoral & Welfare Leader and Deputy DSL

Mr Louis Parish

 Office Manager Mrs L. Neale
Office Administrator Ms B. Zaman
Business Manager Mr G. Blakeley
Executive Assistant  Miss H. Pedley
Superintendent Mr L. Leader
Kitchen Manager Miss M. Masterton
Cleaning staff

Miss M. Masterton

Miss N. De Silva

Mrs V. Appeatu

Nursery 2 year olds - Bananarama

Miss Learmonth, Miss Kell

Nursery 3 year olds - The Beach Boys

 Mrs Simpson, Miss Robson, Ms Renwick

Reception 1 - The Beatles

Miss Render, Ms Khalil, Mrs Alfarano

Reception 2 - Blondie

Mr Howitt, Miss Mosquito, Mrs O'Donnell, Miss Garland

Year 1 - Bach

Miss Harris, Mrs Hudson, Miss McGill

Year 1/2 - Beethoven

Mrs Rawcliffe, Mrs Aftab

Year 2 - Holst

Miss Routh, Mrs Saddique

Year 3 - Clyne

Miss McStay, Mr Askew

Year 3/4 - Rahman

Miss J. Smith, Mrs Rehal

Year 4 - Williams

Ms Mahmoud, Miss Jowett

Year 5 - Gonzaga

Mrs Forbes, Mr Sheppard

Year 5/6 - Olatunji

Mrs Jackson, Mrs Ireland, Mrs Signorini, Miss L. Bradley

Year 6 - Piazzolla

Miss Chippendale, Mrs Cartwright, Miss Javed

 Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA) & PPA Cover

Mrs Jawanda
Miss Jowett
Mrs Kazmi
Mrs Ahern-Gibson