Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"

The Lantern Learning Trust


Rosebank Primary School have joined forces with Blenheim Primary School, Brudenell Primary School, Little London Primary School and Quarry Mount Primary School to form the Lantern Learning Trust.

The Lantern Learning Trust Vision

Our schools have become trust schools to create long term partnerships to work cooperatively together. In addition to Leeds City Council and Leeds City Academy we aim to have partners from business and higher education. We anticipate welcoming other partners as the trust develops.

Please click here for the revised Lantern Learning Trust Vision, agreed by the Trust in Sept 2018.

Working as a shared trust will:

  • clarify our aims and vision
  • ensure our existing collaboration is more sustainable
  • create a community of high aspirations and achievement
  • ensure that good practice is shared
  • increase opportunities to work with external partners
  • strengthen our commitment to the shared values of respect, social justice, fairness and democracy

Here are some of the ways we have worked together recently 

Teachers Collaborating

Each term groups of teachers from the five schools get together to push an improvement strategy. Over the last year we have worked together to develop consistently good procedures for welcoming children who are new to English to make sure that they have a good start in our schools. We have also worked together to develop different approaches to teaching to incorporate co-operation and group work. Working together has enabled us to share expertise and good practice to benefit hundreds of children in Leeds. We also moderate work together as a trust to ensure our assessments are accurate.

 Financing an Educational Psychotherapist

 As a trust, we have been able to put together funds to employ an Educational Psychotherapist who works a day a week in each of our schools.  This has been a fantastic investment, which we would not have been able to fund individually. The Educational Psychotherapist works with children who have been identified by the school as needing specialist emotional support. She also works with parents and families and supports teachers to ensure all children’s emotional needs are met.

Financing a Leeds Rhino Rugby Coach

 As a trust, we have also put together funds to employ a sports coach. This has enabled all schools to access high quality sports lessons and clubs every week. The coach also arranges inter-school competitions which are enjoyed by many children throughout the year.

Supporting School Improvement

 The leadership teams of the five schools work closely together to help evaluate the quality of teaching and learning in each school and suggest ways in which schools can improve to ensure all children are receiving the best education possible. Having leaders working together as critical friends, ensures that our standards in each school are high and catering for the needs of all our staff and children. 

Purchasing Two Minibuses

 Together, we have been able to afford two school minibuses which enable us to take children on more trips to allow for valuable first hand experiences supporting their development. The minibuses are shared between all five schools.