Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"


 Friday 19th April - Bank Holiday

Tuesday 23rd April - Easter Egg Competition

Tuesday 23rd April - EYFS Maths activities afternoon



Ethos and Values

We, at Rosebank Primary School, are committed to providing a secure and healthy environment in which your child can learn most effectively. We will acknowledge and celebrate your child’s achievements and will be supportive if they have a problem.

As parents and guardians, you will be very welcome in school. We believe that the best education for your child is a positive partnership between home and school. We are interested in your contributions and believe you have a very important part to play in your child’s education. Your support of our school policies will enable us to ensure that your child is aware of school expectations and will maintain an effective standard of learning during their time at Rosebank. We hope this website  will give you some idea of how the school works. If you require further information, please contact the school.

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Nursery Places!


Outstanding Nursery set in the grounds of the school with fantastic facilities and outside area for children aged 3+. Please enquire at the office for more information.